Qdos has been designing and developing SharePoint systems for over 15 years. We teach a wide variety of SharePoint courses. We also install, configure and maintain SharePoint systems.

Our SharePoint team works with a diverse array of clients from SMBs through to large corporations with thousands of employees. As consultants we can advise you with anything you need to know about SharePoint.

Some of the clients we have helped with their SharePoint Infrastructures

SharePoint builds


SharePoint development + support

  • SharePoint and SQL server setup, installation and configuration - we can get you started from scratch or help with any issues you have encountered in setting up. Whether it's on-premise or in Office 365 we can setup and optimise your environment.
  • SharePoint migration and upgrades - whether moving to a new server, or upgrading your version of SharePoint - we can help.
  • SharePoint patching - let us assist you in upgrading to the latest cumulative updates or service packs.
  • Design - if you have a company brand or preferred design, we can make SharePoint look the way you want it to.
  • Office Web App Installation - use the Office products within your web broswer for quick easy editing of your SharePoint files. The document preview feature in libraries and search is also a very useful tool!
  • App Store installation - take advantage of the great apps avilable in the SharePoint app store.
  • External access - secure your SharePoint site with an SSL certificate for external use over https.
  • Workflows - we can configure workflows to automate processes and simplify the way you work.


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SharePoint training

Subjects include:

Please feel free to get in touch and chat through your requirements. Most of our SharePoint courses are tailored specifically to suit the needs and requirements of the client. We can design a course for you.

We cover all SharePoint requirements through design, architecture and installation, to bespoke themes and tailored solutions. We have experienced, expert trainers who create individually-designed courses to suit your specific requirements. Whether internet or intranet administrators, site developers or standard office users - our training will cater for your training needs.


What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is an enterprise information portal from Microsoft that can be configured to run Intranet, Extranet and Internet sites, allowing people and teams to connect and collaborate. A SharePoint enterprise portal is composed of both SharePoint Portal and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), with SharePoint being built upon WSS. WSS is typically used by small teams, projects and companies. SharePoint Server is designed for individuals, teams and projects within a medium to large company-wide enterprise portal.

What can SharePoint do?

You can quickly create SharePoint sites that support specific content publishing, content management, records management, or business intelligence needs. You can also conduct effective searches for people, documents, and data, participate in form-driven business processes, access and analyze large amounts of business data. In addition, SharePoint is designed to work effectively with other programs, servers, and technologies in the MS Office Suite. For example, in many MS Office applications, you can initiate or participate in workflows, which are the automated movements of documents or items through specific sequences of actions or tasks related to a business process such as the approval process for an expense report.

Qdos can help you with the configuration of your SharePoint architecture, assist in the installation and help manage on a day to day basis.

As specialists in SharePoint development we also offer comprehensive SharePoint support on an ad-hoc basis or monthly support contract. Our ad-hoc contracts are billed in 15 minute intervals and can be used as and when needed - with support including server configuration and setup, application and site collection management through to day to day document management.


Monthly support contracts

On-premise support

We offer comprehensive support contracts for on premise installations based on the number of users, and server configurations. We will initially carry out an audit and ensure that basic maintenance is correctly configured including server and sql backups. In this contract we include the installation of SharePoint updates and service packs as well as providing day to days support for staff on any SharePoint matters from documents management, sites and security.

SharePoint in Office 365 support

For SharePoint hosted in Microsoft Office 365 or hosted on any other platform we provide support, which includes managing site collections, security and apps. For information on any of the SharePoint support contracts please contact us using the form below or call the office on 020 8763 8732