Every business needs a website. Many need an intranet. Some could even benefit from a bespoke web app. Whether you already know what you want, or don’t know where to start, our web development service is here to help.

Some of our recent website design work

What our clients think

"The Qdos team, spearheaded by David Hasell, helped us implement a fantastic new website – both in functionality and design. It’s dynamic, beautiful, and is just what we asked for. David and the team were efficient, polite, patient and always willing to help – 5-stars all round. Highly recommended."
CMJ Israel  |  www.cmj-israel.org
"Finding a Project Management System that worked for us seemed impossible so we turned to Qdos to “simply” build us what we needed.  David and his team did a fantastic job interpreting our needs and building us a Web Portal to help organise all jobs, clients, contacts, transports, and much more. We’re not sure how we managed to ever live without it.."
- Scott Fleary
"Our splendid Qdos developer, David Hasell, has enthusiastically, interactively, and skilfully re-created our website with an incisive design (creatively based on the ALD logo) and a raft of new features that deliver a much more interactive member experience."
- The Association of Lighting Designers

What sort of website do you want?

Glossy brochure

A simple glossy-brochure website is your business card to the world.
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It is important to have an online presence that makes your business look professional and reputable. If your needs are simple, then so is the solution.  We can build you a website from as little as £1250+VAT.  If you’re just starting out as a business or want to refresh your corporate image at the same time as launching your website, then our professional graphic design team are at hand to help you with branding and literature design.

Example glossy brochure sites: www.ddclimited.com | www.simmons-industrial.co.uk | www.haiermrv.de

Content Management System

A CMS (Content Management System) driven website puts you in control of your web content. 
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With your own user-friendly admin area you can see at a glance all of the content on the site, edit text and images at will, add products, news, blogs, videos, galleries – or any other content.  We build all of our websites on the open-source Drupal CMS – an incredibly powerful and flexible platform which powers some of the world’s most popular websites from the BBC Store to Tesla.  With a Drupal site we can build in advanced features such as:
  • User logins for staff/clients/customers/members area with restricted content access
  • Integration with social media. Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Synchronisation with MailChimp for managing mailing lists
  • Automatic upload of videos to YouTube
  • Email notifications of new and updated content
  • Complex survey forms
  • Routine import/export of data from/to other websites and systems
  • You dream it – we build it!
Case study > Example CMS sites: www.maxrollitt.com | www.haierhvac.eu | www.ald.org.uk


An intranet is an internal communication and collaboration tool which will help your business to be more productive.
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A private, locked-down website for you and your staff.  Example uses include:
  • Share internal news and company updates
  • Maintain an accessible corporate directory
  • Organise your photos and other graphical assets into a searchable image library
  • Publish documents and templates into document libraries
  • Events calendars
  • Share ideas in structured discussion forums

Qdos has specialists who can build your intranet on Drupal or SharePoint technologies.

Contact us to request a demo of an intranet >

Web App

A bespoke web-app can transform the way your business works.
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Reduce paperwork and admin. Generate and email out reports on the fly. Give your clients access to key information about their projects.  Or commission us to build a full-blown project management system bespoke to your own specific needs.  Here are a few examples of web-apps:
  • A mobile app for surveyors – fill out a customised survey form, accurately dictate paragraphs of text, take photographs, score items, flag high risks, and make a list of recommendations.  Then with the click of a button turn it into a branded PDF report and email it to the client there and then.  Meanwhile your colleagues back in the office have instant access to the data, to download, generate a quote or otherwise process it while you go and carry out the next survey.
  • A bespoke referral form – to capture whatever information you require.  Lead the referrer through the appropriate sections of the form based on their answers to previous questions. Set up actions triggered by specific answers, such as sending the answers to one part of the form to a specific department, without them having access to view the whole form.  Generate automatic email responses to the referrer, tailored according to the answers given.  Collate and download results in Excel.
  • A project management system – designed to meet your specific business needs. Combine CRM (Client Relationship Management) functions with projects lists, budgets, book crew onto jobs, allocate and track resources, share documents, track progress against targets, manage transports, loadlists, track deliveries, and much more

Logistics booking system case study >
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC).
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Don’t believe anyone who tells you that it’s easy to get your website to rank well in search engines such as Google.  It’s actually a fine art that requires time, effort and considerable expertise. That’s why we have partnered with AdJuice SEO Services, a highly experienced SEO specialist who does nothing other than SEO and PPC.  Don’t waste money on poorly targeted AdWords or take a scattergun approach to SEO – instead let Qdos and AdJuice make sure your website gets in front of the eyes of your ideal target audiences.

Contact us to request an SEO appraisal >

1. Drupal is a very secure platform. 

In fact it has its own team of security experts who tirelessly work to find and fix issues.

2. Drupal is open source. 

With contributions from a community of thousands of developers around the world, Drupal provides almost limitless functionality.

3. Drupal is enterprise-class. 

It is feature-rich, powerful, flexible and highly-customisable - capable of meeting the evolving needs of your organisation.