Excel - Functions and Formulas

This Excel training course teaches good techniques to structure calculations in spreadsheets.

Target Audience for Excel Functions & Formulas

This course is aimed at users with a fairly basic understanding of Microsoft Excel who need to create more complex spreadsheets and those who want to know more about creating and using functions and formulas in their work and building spreadsheets from scratch. If you already have a good level of knowledge about functions and formulas then maybe our higher level Excel Data Analysis course may be for you, or for even more advanced knowledge into the world of macros and Visual Basic then look at our Excel Visual Basic (VBA) training course

Excel Training Course Objectives

To understand how to structure spreadsheets and gain a good grasp of the most frequently used functions.

Excel Training Pre-Requisites

Basic Understanding of Microsoft Excel would be beneficial

Excel Basics 

  • Review of Basic Shortcuts
  • Drag and Drop
  • Using AutoFill
  • Using AutoComplete
  • Rules for working with Formula
  • Basic Formula construction
  • How to lay out and design spreadsheets
  • Using cells in formula
  • Editing and Creating basic formula 

Cell Referencing 

  • Basic Cell Referencing
  • Fixed and Mixed Cell References
  • Shortcuts for Fixed Cell Referencing
  • Using Natural Language and Named Cells
  • Using the Name Manager
  • Referencing Named Cells 

Tables and Named Ranges

  • Using Data in Tabular format
  • Using External Constants
  • Creating a Data Table
  • Named Table Function
  • Formatting Named Tables
  • Assets of Named Tables
  • Adding Header, Footer and Total rows
  • Using Named Table Data in calculations
  • Named Row and Column conventions


  • Check on basic function
  • Sum, Average, Count, Min, Max..
  • Conditional Functions
  • CountIF, SumIF 

Data Validation

  • Using Data Validation
  • Using Data Validation drop downs
  • Using Data Validation to find Corrupt data such as blank spaces, misspellings etc 

Discovering Functions

  • Querying a function for its definition
  • Using the Insert function button
  • Searching for a function to solve a problem
  • Search techniques 

Text Functions

  • Importing Text strings
  • Converting Text to Columns
  • Separating Text strings
  • Find, Len, Right, Mid, Left 

More Functions

  • Multiple conditional function
  • Countifs, Sumifs, averageifs
  • Vlookup
  • HLookup
  • Analysing Filtered Data
  • The Subtotal function

Course Testimonials

"Short, sweet and informative. Would highly recommend attending. " - Customer Service Representative, Metro Bank Plc July 2017
"An informative course not only for beginners, but a fantastic refreshers for regular users of excel. I would recommend this course highly and others that Qdos offer." - Business Development, WT Partnership July 2017
"Andrew was engaging and knowledgeable and the content provided was genuinely helpful." - - Partner, Kingston Smith LLP July 2017
"A thoroughly well delivered, informative and enlightening course which will save a considerable amount of time in the future." - - Director, ESS Ltd October 2017
"Fantastic. Within the first 30 minutes I realised that there were so many things I have been doing the hard way and things I did not know at all. Why didn't I do this course years ago? Fantastic Lunch!" - - Course Co-ordinator, The Builder Training Centre October 2017
"It was a great experience; I feel I learned much more in one day training that by using spreadsheets on my daily life." - - Client and MLR Services Manager, Helen Bamber Foundation October 2017
"I found Qdos very warm and welcoming as a company. Andrew who provided my training was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and above all patient. A worthwhile course to attend." - Financial Planner, Wingate Financial Planning January 2017
"Incredibly enlightening, helpful and useful course which will enable the better and more structured use of excel across the business." - - Operations Manager, Rural Arisings October 2017
"Very good course, you think you know things but you don't, they are always changing, it also explains why they work the way they do in a simple and not to over complicated way with not too much info put in." - HR and Performance Manager, Plan Insurance Brokers April 2017
" The course was very helpful in gaining a greater and more detailed understanding into the way Excel works and will change the way I use spreadsheets from now on." - Accounts Assistant, Plan Insurance Brokers April 2017
"Rejuvenated my enthusiasm for data and how I can make excel work for me and the business." - Director, Rural Arisings Ltd April 2017
"Today opened my eyes to the huge number of things Excel can help me with in my day-to-day job." - Ski Operations Manager, Club Europe Holidays Ltd May 2017
"Fantastic course, fast paced and trainer was really down to earth and knowledgeable." - Scheme Manager, Consumer Products, BRC Global Standards May 2017
"Andrew was excellent. Very affable and very clear and concise in his explanations. The whole day was thoroughly enjoyable and very relaxed. Lovely pub lunch included! Thank you." - Admin Assistant, The HR Dept June 2017
"Andrew Reeves is an extremely good communicator and his knowledge of Excel made it very easy for me to gain tremendously from my day at the QDOS office." - MD, Angel Plastics Ltd June 2017
"This was a very effective and entertaining training session on the practical uses of Excel." - Director of Services, The Garwood Foundation June 2017
"This course was very useful, learnt a lot more about Excel than I thought there was! " - Receptionist, Nucleus Commercial Finance July 2017
"There is more than one way of skinning a cat!" - Finance Manager, Cleankill Pest Control September 2016
"The Excel courses provided by Qdos have really enhanced my knowledge of the software package for use in the workplace, especially with regards to large datasets." - Sam M, January 2015
"Andrew is an excellent resource of knowledge and the training course provided has given us many tools to be able to make changes to benefit the department. I'm very keen to get back to put all into place. A thoroughly productive and enjoyable day" - Casework Lead/Senior Reporting Officer, LGC October 2016
"The course is great for total beginners or those with a little knowledge as it goes back over basics and builds a strong foundation to develop skills to a more advanced level". - Senior Investigator, Global Security, Apple. October 2015
"It made excel really fun." - Casework Lead/ Forensic Practitioner, LGC October 2016
"I have greatly benefitted from this course. I would recommend it to anyone who works with computers or within a business environment to take the time to enrol". - Renewals Manager, Plan Insurance Brokers
"The first training course with Qdos and any future courses will be done through them. Would highly recommend them." - Personal Assistant, Banks Farm November 2016
"Interesting and useful". - Admin Team Leader, Plan Insurance Brokers
"A great investment in your knowledge to learn more. I will use this information in my job and I am really glad I came. Thanks" - Accounts Manager, Scott Fleary Productions November 2016
"Extremely worthwhile if looking to broaden your Excel knowledge in a few hours". - Customer Service Manager, Plan Insurance Brokers
"I honestly can't believe how clever Excel is, I feel guilty that I have been using such a tiny amount of its abilities." - Partner, The Bed Post January 2017
"The information was presented in a clear and enthusiastic way with opportunity to recap and practise the exercises. Punctuated with breaks to re charge brain cells". - Flight Coordinator, Club Europe Holidays Ltd March 2016
"Thoroughly worthwhile and informative day – very warm welcome, lovely lunch and lots of yummy coffee, biscuits and sweets!" - Head of Ski & Sports Tours, Club Europe Holidays Ltd March 2016
"Andrew was really excellent. He is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic and made the entire day enjoyable. I feel so much more confident with Excel as a result. Thank you for not making me feel like a dunce! Who knew Excel would be so enjoyable?!" - Head of Concert & Educational Tours, Club Europe Holidays Ltd March 2016
"I really enjoyed it! Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. The trainer was very engaging." - Auditor, Plan Insurance May 2016
"My knowledge was very basic of Excel as I only knew what I was taught at school 4 years ago. This course has shown me basic things I never knew you could do which will impact my work massively and help me grow in my job role". - Junior Marketing Executive, Plan Insurance May 2016
"Excellent course! I will definitely use Qdos again for other training courses." - HR Coordinator, The HR Dept May 2016
"I got more out of this course than I expected before walking through the door this morning. This will be a great benefit for me and the company. The training provided was efficient and detailed and set at a pace that anyone could keep up with regardless of the level of knowledge or experience you had. Would recommend this course to anyone who is clueless like I was in Excel or for people that would just like a refresher".- Service Administrator, Cleankill Pest Control
"I was made to feel really comfortable when asking questions and everything was explained to me at a level that I could understand". - Office Manager, Cleankill Pest Control August 2016
"Eyes opened to the benefits of Excel after years of muddling through!" - MD, Cleankill Pest Control August 2016
"A very useful course for those with any questions or who seek to improve their knowledge regarding Excel functionality and associated formulae; I would recommend this course to others." - Sales Administrator, Cleankill Pest Control September 2016