From our Croydon base, we provide expert IT Support to small and medium sized businesses in and around London and the South East.

Qdos can help you design and structure your network and can manage it on a day-to-day basis. We can offer fixed contracts to cover some or all of the below areas, or we can just be there when you need us to help.

All inclusive IT maintenance

for IT support built around your specific requirements. Including site visits, and guaranteed response times.

Ad-hoc IT support

for IT support just when you need it, by phone or in person, billed in increments of 15 minutes.

Areas of expertise:

CASE STUDY: read how we installed a wireless network solution into a large church


A server is a PC that has been designed to run 24 hours a day and to provide many users both on your network and away from the office with access to your data. A server will provide a single central location to store all of your data. Data can be arranged in folders, sensitive data can be restricted to key staff only and all of this can be controlled with a server.


It is simpler with a central server to make sure that all of your data is backed up. Data can backed up to tape or other storage formats that can easily be carried off site, and can also be copied to a second machine so that, if your server were to fail, you could be up and running within minutes instead of days.


With a server you can run Microsoft Exchange. Exchange is a network email tool that provides full office email facilities including: out-of-office assistant enables you to automatically send an email reply when you are not in the office email groups will deliver an email from a client sent to to be delivered to a group of users shared contacts enables all staff to access a central list of contact names, addresses and email addresses shared diary enables all staff to access each other's diary to see and/or add appointments.


Yes if you have a server. A server includes a number of tools to enable you to work from home or anywhere on the planet. A VPN link allows you to access the files on your server and to use Outlook and see exactly the same emails, contacts and diary as if you were in the office. Outlook Web Access is a web-based tool that enables you to access your emails in a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, from any PC on the planet that has an internet connection.

The vast majority of day-to-day desktop issues that arise in an office environment can be resolved remotely. This avoids call out fees and means that issues can be resolved faster, causing less disruption. Qdos’ remote support software means that it’s quick and easy to set up remote connections for desktop support.

We offer flexible ongoing support contracts which vary from an all-inclusive monthly agreements which cover absolutely everything IT related, to simple ad-hoc arrangements for customers who require the occasional helping hand. Some agreements include a fast guaranteed response time, some include regular site visits. We can tailor an agreements to meet the needs of your organisation.

Remote support covers both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac clients. Whilst we do also support tablet devices and smartphones, a remote connection to the device is not always possible, in which case support can be provided over the phone, directly to the end user.

Typically, remote desktop support covers the following items and more:

  • Software install / maintenance

  • Support for key applications e.g. Word, Excel, Outlook

  • Troubleshoot and detect hardware failures

  • Removal of malware – setup and maintenance of anti-virus software

  • Resolve issues arising from incorrect or corrupt drivers

  • Troubleshoot and resolve freezing applications

  • Printer failures

  • Network issues

  • DNS failure

The range of possible issues that can arise from day to day use of workstations is vast and varied! Qdos strives to troubleshoot and resolve all issues as quickly as possible in order to keep disruption to a minimum. Our team prides itself on speed of response and high levels of availability.


Of course not all work can be carried out remotely - particularly when it comes to hardware-related issues or installing new computers and network cabling. Generally our clients find it extremely beneficial to include site visits in their agreement. Visits enable us to do some floor walking to answer questions and also to resolve any long-term pending low priority items which end users tend to have left ‘for another day’. We can include site visits within an on-going support contract, or simply charge on an hourly basis, as-and-when it’s required (call out fee + agreed hourly rate).


It’s usually most helpful to have a member of the Qdos team visit your premises to assess your setup before we can provide a suitable quote for ongoing maintenance. We would be very happy to meet with you to discuss your support requirements. Once an agreement has been made and signed desktop support can start immediately.

Hosted Exchange gives you all the benefits of an in-house Exchange server but without any of the admin, maintenance and large upfront costs.

In the past, businesses would have to install their own servers as soon as they began to grow. That would have meant employing or contracting someone to set up Exchange, test and implement the system and support it on an ongoing basis. The introduction of cloud computing – where software is remotely installed and accessed through a web-browser, means there is now a second choice. Hosted Exchange runs your Exchange server off-site, so for many businesses, it’s a no-brainer.

Hosted Exchange is exactly the same as the industry-standard Exchange software you’ll have used at your place of work. The only difference is that you access it remotely over an internet connection, rather than from a server on your premises.

So what do you get for your money? Hosted Exchange is comparable to a local Exchange solution in almost every way. All your devices can sync to the server, so you can use your iPad, iPhone, or any other mobile device to access your calendars, messages and tasks. You can also log in over the web if you need to via Outlook Web App. You’ll also probably find that you get far more storage space than you would if you hosted Exchange in-house: for example many companies have to implement a 2GB mailbox size limit because of limitations to hardware and storage space. With Hosted Exchange each mailbox has a 50GB size limit – all for just a few pounds per mailbox per month.

There is also far less exposure to risk as your business ticks over. Any technical faults are simply not your problem: we will deal with them. (That’s definitely good news). Hosted Exchange is hosted on a large data centre which is much less likely to ‘fall over’ than a server in the corner of your office, and there are redundancy measures to ensure your service is rarely, if ever, interrupted. You don’t have to invest in expensive firewalls and other security technology to safeguard your email server from spam and phishing attacks, viruses and other intrusion attempts.

So instead of you incurring the costs of all of the above, our Hosted Exchange solution will give you access to all this hardware, technology, service and support for a fraction of the cost.

Finally with Hosted Exchange you're not required to pay anything upfront or install any hardware of your own. You don't even need to buy a Microsoft Outlook license. If you don't already have the software, just rent it for a low monthly fee along with your mailbox. And because your fee is fixed each month, you know exactly what you're going to spend, so it's great for budgeting. Keeping costs down is good for you.

One of the fastest growing sectors in the world is the tablet computer market. Companies are realising that it might not be enough just to have the latest business intelligence software on desktop computers. We live in a mobile business climate and our data is mobile as well. Being able to get information in real time on tablets and other mobile devices saves time and effort, increasing efficiency and productivity for everyone.

For example, being able to grab work emails on the go is a vital tool.

We provide support for all mobile devices - covering all smart phones and tablets such as iPads.

We configure and support Exchange ActiveSync and Blackberry Enterprise Server for synchronising your business email, calendars and tasks. This not only makes it possible to synchronise mobile devices with the company email server but also allows the company to lock down and secure the device using enforced security policies.

We specialize in mobile device deployment including the setup and management of MDM servers. We have worked with large London firms to both train them and provide consultancy on setting up MDM servers and provision their mobile devices. Contact us to find out how central management of your business mobile devices will help to keep your company data safe, secure and manageable.

Furthermore we support many other technologies for accessing company data remotely including:

  • VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

  • Remote Desktop Services and Remote Desktop Services Web Apps

  • Outlook Web App

  • Outlook Anywhere (HTTPS over RPC)

  • SharePoint

Please don't hesitate to ask us how we can best enable your remote workforce to access their company data whilst on the go.

Is your company still using a BT, Google or Yahoo email address? Have you considered purchasing your own domain name in order to look more professional, but you're not sure where to start?

We can purchase and manage the domain of your choice (as long as it's available!) for your company or for personal use. We charge £20 per year to look after your domain. Once the domain has been secured you can use it for all your emails, whether you have a company email server, hosted Exchange system, or just want to set up a few addresses for webmail.

Alternatively if you already have a domain but don't know how to manage it, we can oversee domain transfers for you.

Qdos already manages hundreds of domains for our clients. There are many different ways of configuring your email to suit your requirements. Let us know what you are looking for and we'll do the rest.

Other areas of support:

  • Anti Virus and Spyware Protection
  • Domain and workgroup networking, including wireless
  • Email management including all versions of Exchange server as well as Hosted Exchange
  • Data security and fault tolerance
  • Software and hardware audits
  • SharePoint Consultancy and Support

Your business needs to have the assurance that the IT systems are reliable and secure. The fast-paced advances within the industry mean that it is vital that networks are kept up to date with security patches, protected against viruses and spyware, and also that data is secure and backed up.

Qdos' expertise and wealth of experience provides a smooth service, monitoring and managing your network behind the scenes. We offer rapid response solutions to critical issues, meaning that our clients' networks are in safe hands. It is essential to know that someone will be available on the other end of the phone if you need them.

We specialise in managing servers and backup systems

Your data is the essence of your company and it is imperative to plan against risks. Our solutions ensure that your data will be recoverable, no matter what. We perform regular audits for hardware and software for our clients, providing expert recommendations to ensure that planning for a reliable future is cost-effective and contingent. We will order parts and provide installation for you too.

Our maintenance plans ensure that we use our knowledge and foresight to enable your company to do what it does best. We constantly monitor the industry for developments so that we can provide the most up-to-date and innovative solutions. You don't want to worry about IT, so let our team take care of it for you.

You don't want to worry about IT, so let our team take care of it for you


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