SharePoint 365 docs not showing in recent documents view

A client of ours works out of SharePoint 365 every single day and opens all documents in their local Office applications. However, none of the SharePoint documents they had been working on showed in the “Recent Documents” view from the “Open” menu within an application such as Word. It only listed documents that had been opened locally that were stored on the C drive. Very strange!
After investigating further it seems there is a weird Microsoft glitch in the timings of signing in to Office and SharePoint with a 365 account. The user had signed into the Office application first and then later signed in to SharePoint for the very first time and opened a document. This must be the wrong order! The user must log in to SharePoint first, and then when they open a document from a SharePoint document library they are signed in to Office as well and all recent documents are then listed.
For our client, we simply logged out of their 365 account in Word, and logged back in. Problem solved! All recent documents opened from SharePoint were listed correctly as they are associated with the 365 account. The log in process seems to dictate that SharePoint comes first, then Office. A peculiar glitch and a shame that the two Microsoft products don’t resolve this issue automatically but at least there is a quick easy solution.


This solve did not work for me. However, it is related to my problem I believe. I work on several different companies' sharepoints with different browsers. From time to time, my computer gets confused which one it is logged into. Therefore, I believe that at times my sharepoint gets "disconnected" to login to the other sharepoint. When it does, the files from the first sharepoint (or either sharepoint) will show up on my list. The suggestion above is helpful to work toward a solution. No sharepoint files show up on my recent files list ever. I don't see much help out on the web for this either.

This sort-of worked for me. When I went into Word and went to Application Menu -> Account, in the upper-left-hand corner it said there were problems with my account and a button that said, "Fix Me". I clicked it, and had to provide my Office 365 corporate password again. After that, my Most Recent Documents started showing up out of Sharepoint once again.

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