Outlook 2016 hangs on 'loading profile'

Jan 08, 2016 - by Ian Hasell


Outlook 2016 sets up correctly (initially) and then loads fine. Then the user closes and reopens Outlook. The problem is that now it loads to the blue Outlook screen saying 'loading profile'. It sits there forever until we have to force it closed, or closes with an error message.

Throughout troubleshooting, other symptoms that occurred were: Outlook would load and error immediately with 'Could not open information store'.


Windows 7 Pro SP1 (brand new installation) with Office 2016 (brand new installation) connecting to local Exchange 2013 server mailbox.


Attempted fixes (that did not work):

  • Delete and re-create the Outlook profile
  • Add registry key to DisableHardwareAcceleration
  • Run both 'quick' and 'full' repairs of Office 2016
  • Completely uninstall and reinstall Office 2016
  • Recreate entire Windows profile
  • Run Outlook.exe /safe (did not even open)
  • Run Outlook.exe /resetnavpane (did not even open)
  • Run chkdsk c: /f and restart


The fix that worked:

Right click on the Outlook 2016 shortcut and select the Compatibility tab. Untick the box next to 'Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 7 Service Pack 1'. I am not sure why this was ticked in the first place - this was there by default. Neither am I sure why it still didn't work as the computer is running Windows 7 SP1 anyway.

After that Outlook opened immediately and would close and reopen perfectly. I don't know why this worked, but i'm sharing it in case it helps anyone else.



  1. Tom Harris

    I opened the properties of the shortcut on Windows 10 and there is no "Compatibilities" tab. The shortcut for me was in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs. When I right click on the shortcut there was an option to "Troubleshoot compatibility". Ran the process and it worked.

  2. Greg

    I ran Outlook 2016 in administrator mode and it started working.

  3. Michael

    Just leaving this here for future reference: TLDR: Try cutting off internet during Outlook startup. I used Process Monitor to see what Outlook was actually doing in my case when it is stuck on loading the profile. I saw a bunch of Telemetry and TCP related stuff which made me think it is trying to connect somewhere but does not succeed. Disabling all network interfaces during startup of Outlook immediately solved my problem. Outlook opened perfectly and once it is open, the network interfaces can be switched on again.

  4. John

    Thanks Michael, this option worked well for Outlook 365 on Win10.

  5. James

    This method works for me as well, but how can we fix this. so fraustrating

  6. David Sellar

    Thanks Michael, simple fix!

  7. Anjalee

    As soon as I unplugged the Internet connection Outlook opened up!! Thank you :-)

  8. Denise

    Thanks Michael. Worked for me as well

  9. Denise

    I saw your post but do not know how to disable "all network interfaces during startup of Outlook". How do I do that? Running Windows 10.

  10. Denise

    Actually - I figured out how to disable all networks. Thank you! It worked.

  11. Dag

    Thank You, I had spent hours trying to fix this until I found Your simple and effective fix.

  12. Adam

    Thank you Michael. Worked perfectly - clicked on the wifi icon at bottom right, clicked flight mode, opened Outlook, closed Outlook again, disabled flight mode and now Outlook is opening normally. Problem solved.

  13. Rodrigo

    Michael, thanks a lot, this procedure solved my problem, I'm using Win 10 and Outlook 2016.

  14. Diane

    Brilliant! It worked! Thank you :)

  15. Melinda

    OMG this has taken me 2 days of research. it started suddenly and I could not get Outlook to run even in safe mode. I found your post a few minutes ago and tried it. It worked immediately. I wish I had seen this two days ago. Thank you for posting this.

  16. Ramon

    Yea, that really helped! Thanks for the hint!

  17. ZW

    Thanks Michael, cutting the internet off first and then adjusting the settings worked well for the MS Office Outlook 2016 Pro Plus. It was somewhat annoying to just watch the screen hanging on profile loading screen. Many thanks.

  18. Chris

    In my case after uninstalling two .net framework updates done by windows yesterday afternoon solved my problem.

  19. Pieter

    Non of the other methods worked for me...Run as admin, safe mode etc. Removed my .net framework worked 100%. Thanks Chris

  20. Ronny VĂ¥rdal

    You know you could hold CTRL in and right click the Outlook-icon in systray to see that TCP-traffic? I have a customer now on the phone and it seems it's resyncronizing the OST-file before loading Outlook. Has ScanPST maybe been moved to run pre-startup of Outlook 2016?

  21. PCMay

    I shut of my wifi and outlook loaded correctly. Turned off and on no problem. Thx

  22. Mike Shrout

    Here is what I found out. First I launch Outlook. The loading Profile window comes up and tried to load. What I did next works every time. Open Task Manager. Then click on Start Task Manager. As soon as you do that, Outlook opens.

  23. Ian Hasell

    Something that worked for us the other day was simply to rename the .ost file (assuming this is an upgrade to 2016 on a machine that already had an older version of Outlook installed). Then Outlook opened fine and created its own new OST file. Worth a try.

  24. Arjun

    Worked for me, thanks Ian!

  25. Swapnil

    it worded for me, right click and run as administrator.

  26. claireehmurray

    Did the job. Many thanks. Now I can get rid of the offending icloud account which caused the issue in the first place!!!

  27. Dany

    Hello Thanks Michael Another way to get around this issue : 1>Go to Internet Options in the Control Panel. 2>Connections 3>Lan Settings 4>Check (in my case) or Uncheck "Automatically detect settings" (depending of your Network Configuration) Thanks

  28. dogger

    Shutting down internet and outlook started up. I noticed when click send and receive it shows the outlook task window stating "synchronizing subscribed folders for my second email account" outlook hangs at that spot. I deleted my second accound and outlook starts up fine. Outlook only works with one account

  29. Kerry

    Shutting down the internet was the only thing that worked - after an hour of all the other solutions posted. THANK YOU!

  30. Aaron

    For our situation we're 365 subscribers using Office 2016 on Win7 SP1 inside a VPN environment with Exchange Server 2013. Opening in Safe Mode allowed me to get Outlook open, then I disabled all but 2 add-ons (Skype Meetings and Exchange 2013). I disabled everything related to SharePoint, Social Media, and OneNote (who uses that?). After disabling the plugins Outlook would open normally. Inside the VPN environment we can't reach SharePoint, OneNote, or social media channels normally, so one of them seemed to have been what Outlook was trying to connect to and couldn't reach in our case.

  31. Tony Moules

    Michael - thanks you just saved me from trashing my goddam machine.. spent hours on this - poor from microsoft!

  32. Sam Vik

    With updates in Outlook by Microsoft sometime it becomes difficult to Add Outlook Account via desktop application due to compatibility issues. Another method to add profile in Outlook is by control panel. From the Mail icon you can easily add Outlook Account without window crash.

  33. Peter

    This also worked for me. I fixed the issue by resetting my router and problem fixed

  34. Daz

    The only way I've managed to get past this is by deleting the windows profile and also remove via registry. However all my issues have been trying to upload from Office 2007 to 2016.

  35. Lawrence Hickman

    1.Start any Office program. 2.On the File tab, click Options. 3.In the Options dialog box, click Advanced. 4.In the list of available options, click to select the Disable hardware graphics acceleration check box. ... 5.Click OK.

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