How to copy SharePoint 2013 workflows from one site collection to another

If you have two similar lists in two different site-collections in SharePoint and want to copy an existing workflow from site A to site B you can follow the process below.

To copy the workflow simply open site A in SharePoint Designer and browse to the wanted workflow. Then press the Export to Visio button

Save the .vwi file on your hard drive, then and rename it to .zip

Say yes to the dialog

Unzip the file and delete the xxxxx.xoml.wfconfig.xml file 

Then re-zip the remaining files.

Finally change the file extension back to .vwi.

Open up site B in SharePoint Designer and import the workflow via the Import from Visio button on the File Tab and select to which list it should associate.

Note! If your workflow is using other lists than the associated one these references need to be reconfigured within the workflow in the usual way.


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This only works with 2010 workflows created in sharepoint 2013, not with 2013 workflows.

This trick doesn't work in SharePoint 2013.

This did work for me but it lost all the initiation form parameters and turned them into local variables.

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