Convert a dynamic disk to a basic disk without destroying the data

Mar 14, 2011 - by Ian Hasell

If you have ever had a need to convert a dynamic disk to a basic disk (e.g. a broken mirror that you're unable to rebuild for one reason or another) there is a way to do this without destroying the data on the drive. This has been invaluable to me recently when we had an inexplicable problem with a RAID controller and needed quick access to specific files from one of the surviving disks from a RAID 1 array. If you convert the disk using Windows the data will be lost. I found the following blog - credit to MYPKB for this excellent solution which uses TestDisk - a very useful tool to add to your armour. There are various functions to TestDisk and I found it extremely useful to be able to restore specific folders to my chosen location from the Dynamic disk, even before converting it.

The MYPKB blog: "How to non-destructively convert dynamic disks to basic disks"

I hope this helps others out of tight situations as it did for me!