To survive the coronavirus crisis, businesses in London are adapting rapidly to provide staff with Work From Home (wfh) solutions. Qdos Computer Consultants are experts in setting up IT and communications systems for SMBs to facilitate effective remote working.

Qdos is helping organisations in the London, Greater London area to Keep Calm and Work From Home during this challenging time. Read on to find out how we could help you.

Common questions about working from home

How can we enable our workforce to work from home efficiently?

How can we ensure effective collaboration within our team when working from home?

What is the best way to communicate from home?

How can we access our company data from home?

Accessing company data from home

There are several ways that we can help you access you company data from home:

  • Create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to your office network or server
  • Use a Remote Desktop session through a VPN to work on your office computer remotely
  • Move your company data to Office 365 and SharePoint
  • Create an Azure server on the cloud for your business
  • Utilise cloud services – access your company data securely without the need for complicated VPNs, firewall changes, etc
  • Build you a bespoke web application to enable you to manage your projects and communicate with your clients online

If you move all your company emails and data to Office 365 you can get the best from the Online collaboration services like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive.

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Using your office phones from home

Qdos can migrate your phone system to a cost-effective VoIP solution which comes with remote-working benefits such as:

  • Take your extension home with you
  • Make outbound calls out from your work phone number
  • Transfer calls between staff as you would in the office
  • Make and recieve VoIP phone calls directly from your mobile
  • Receive voicemails in your email inbox
  • Send and receive faxes as PDFs by email

Accessing your email

For the majority of staff email has become the core of business communication. It is critical that all your staff can access their email remotely without interruption.

If you are still running your email on an in-house Exchange server there are a number of questions you may need to consider:

  • Will someone be availabe on your premises should there be a problem with your server?
  • What will happen if your exchange server goes offline?
  • Will anyone be able to access your office at all in case of a real emergency? London may be locked down and you may not be allowed out at all!

Qdos can help you migrate your email remotely to Office 365 so that you can easily access your email from anywhere with the assurance and backup of the Microsoft Office 365 service.

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Qdos made the process of migrating to a modern VoIP telephone system hassle free with their proactive and pragmatic approach. They have continually offered support when needed and resolve any issues in a timely manner. We even saved money when switching to their 3CX system, which has enabled us more flexible working. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone in need of IT / phone system support.
Bradley Hill - WT Partnership (100 staff)

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We offer flexible contracts to cater for all sorts of remote working for businesses in London

Allow your staff to work from home dynamically – to be able to respond to emergencies with confidence and know that your business can weather these uncertain conditions.

Key Features of Working with Microsoft Teams

  • Consolidated calendars. Teams integrates with your Exchange Calendar system. This ensures employees can see their deadlines, appointments and meetings. Meetings can be launched from within calendars and scheduled seamlessly through the MS Teams platform or through the Teams meeting link in outlook.

  • Video conferencing. Without the face to face contact Remote workers can feel more disconnected compared with other employees. Video conferencing allows for direct communication. Video conferencing helps employees feel closer to each other.

  • Group chats. With group chat it makes it possible for all employees to remain engaged and feel a part of the business processes regardless of their location. All employees are updated, and there is one-on-one instant messaging.

  • One-on-one instant messaging. This is a fast, non-disruptive way to communicate. Employees working remotely can get answers quickly.

  • Document management. One of the best features of Microsoft Teams collaboration lies in the Microsoft ecosystem. MS Teams makes it easy to share information, such as sending documents to each other as attachments. With the Microsoft integration, documents such as PowerPoint files and Word files can be worked on simultaneously with instant updating.

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