Quick tips

Because we provide IT support to so many different clients every day we recognise that every user is a real person with different abilities and skills when it comes to computers. Therefore we felt it would be useful to provide every day tips that will help users work smarter and gain confidence in their IT skills. For some users these tips might be obvious - but for others, we hope they will be of real benefit.
  • Windows Task Bar

    In this quick tip we show you how to customize and utilize the Windows Task Bar so that you can make your workspace look how you want it to with the shortcuts that you need everyday.

  • Windows Start Button

    Quick tips on how to easily locate apps and customize your start menu to suit the way you work.

  • Secure your PC with one click

    Walking away from your computer to take a quick call or make a cuppa? Leaving sensitive or confidential data on your screen can be a breach of security.  Don't forget this handy shortcut to lock your PC down in one quick click:

    Win+L (that's the Windows key and L)