In today's business world, websites are vital not only as a selling tool but also a first point of reference for potential customers. It's one thing to have a wonderful looking, easy-to-use website, but will your potential customers actually find it? Have you considered how well your website performs in Google searches? Are you losing out on potential custom because your website does not match keyword searches, appear in Local Pack results, or simply contains content which is irrelevant or out-of-date? It is time you invested in a solid SEO strategy?

Throwing money at advertising in order to make your site more popular is one option, but it won't last.

Bringing customers to your site organically because they found you in a search is vital for the long term success of your site.

Many companies claim that they can achieve instant success but they should be avoided - they usually do not know what they are talking about and will use your money on highly marked-up strategies which pay a premium on placing you in the sponsored links section, which is only temporary. Anyone can do that. It is not the same as organising your site, thinking about your customers and the key words they might choose to search with, increasing the relevance and reducing the competition of the keywords you should be using.

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing job and should be carried out by people who care about your success and understand your market. To help our clients achieve the very best results we have partnered with AdJuice SEO Services. Together, Qdos and AdJuice give you the full package of on-site and off-site optimisation, citation management, and intelligent, results-driven pay-per-click.

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