All our Google reviews have disappeared!

A few weeks ago our Google My Business listing mysteriously disappeared - completely vanished without warning.  We still don't know the reason why, but we completed the appeal to be resintated process and within a few days we had our listing back.  Thank you Google :)

But that's not the end of the story... all of our glowing google reviews did not make it back with our listing, so instead of showing five hard-earned shining stars from 21 happy customers, instead we're back to zero :(

And it seems we're not the only ones to have suffered this.  Here's a couple of Google support threads where other customers are reporting the same issue:

But all is not lost (apparently!).  We reached out to GMB on twitter @GoogleMyBiz - they asked for our business number from our business location URL and here's the response we've received this week:

GMB response

We'll update this post to let you know the outcome.  Fingers crossed Google can resolve their technical issues for us and everyone else this bug is affecting.

UPDATE 23-Aug-2019: Still not fixed, but apparently the google engineers are working diligently to get it resolved: