So, did the snow day stop you working?

The UK experienced a few days of snow this week which made it difficult for some people to commute to work. For most companies, employees not making it in to the office can have a huge impact on business which in turn can affect profit. And it isn't just snow days. Staff getting to the office can be affected by other factors such as transport issues, national emergency incidents, lack of mobility due to an injury, or lack of access to the office building due to a fire or flooding. Or it may just be you're looking at introducing flexi-working to allow users the option of working from home once a week.

So the question must be asked - is your company set up for staff to work from home efficiently? Can your business carry on as normal if circumstances prevent staff from getting to the office? Here at Qdos we can help your business carry on working from wherever you are - easily and securely. Whether it's access to email, data or even your office phone - we can help you and your staff carry on working from anywhere.

With cloud technologies, secure VPN connections, VoIP telephony and reliable broadband connections - there's no excuse for your employees to not be working! (Sorry employees!)

Talk to Qdos today to find out how we can help you keep working no matter what.