AutoCAD / AutoCAD LT - Basic Essentials

2-day AutoCAD training course designed for Basic to Intermediate AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT users

This two-day AutoCAD training course is designed for Basic to Intermediate AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT users who require a foundational understanding of the product. It incorporates the core functions, commands, and techniques for creating, editing, and printing drawings using AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT.

Target Audience for AutoCAD Basic Essentials

Beginners to Intermediate users in design or drafting roles who want to understand the basics of drawing in AutoCAD. If you already have a good basic knowledge and want to know more about the advanced techniques in AutoCAD then do look at our Intermediate AutoCAD training course.

AutoCAD Training Course Objectives

The primary objective of this course is to teach delegates the key commands necessary for professional 2D drawing, design and drafting using AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT.

AutoCAD Training Pre-Requisites

No experience required.

  • Understanding Coordinates

  • Pure Coordinate drawing
  • Relative Drawing
  • Drawing at Angles

AutoCAD Tool Options

  • Mouse settings
  • Snap selector settings
  • Screen colours

Creating Basic Drawings

  • Creating Basic Objects
  • Using Polar Tracking, Polar-Snap and Object Snap
  • Working with Units

Manipulating Objects

  • Creating New Objects from Existing Objects
  • Changing the Angle of an Objects Position
  • Creating a Mirror Image of Existing Objects
  • Creating Objects Patterns
  • Changing an Object's Size

Drawing organisation and inquiry commands

  • Using Layers
  • Changing Object Properties
  • Using the Properties Palette
  • Using Linetypes

Altering objects

  • Trimming and Extending Objects
  • Creating Parallel and Offset Geometry
  • Joining and Breaking an Object
  • Applying a Radius Corner to Two Objects
  • Creating an Angled Corner Between Two Objects
  • Changing Part of an Object's Shape

Annotating drawings

  • Creating Multiline Text and single line text
  • Using Text Styles and Editing Text

Hatching objects

  • Hatching
  • Associated Hatching and Islands
  • Editing Hatch Objects


  • Creating Dimensions
  • Using Dimension Styles
  • Editing Dimensions

Working with reusable content

  • Using Blocks
  • Using Tool Palettes

Creating additional drawing objects

  • Working with Polylines
  • Creating Splines and Ellipses
  • Using Tables

Layouts and plotting

  • Using Layouts
  • Using Page Setups
  • Using Viewports
  • Plotting Drawings

Course Testimonials

"A superb introduction to AutoCAD, two days that provide even a complete novice with all the tools and skills they need for the creation of professional quality CAD drawings." - Head of Support Services & Technology EMEA, AIG, October 2015
"A thorough course for anyone beginning to use AutoCAD" - Fire & Safety Advisor, V&A Museum, April 2015
"Really great course and was above my expectations." - Head of HSE EMEA, AIG, October 2015
"The course was professionally conducted within a relaxed classroom environment" - Facilities Manager, Global Real Estate, AIG. November 2015
"Excellent trainer and really great course, great personal attention" - FM and Property Director, AIG, October 2015
"An excellent introduction to all beginners, would recommend highly" - Architect, SCHD Ltd, January 2016
"Absolutely brilliant intro to AutoCAD and super presenter, thank you." - MD Swimex, October 2014
"This course is well worth the time and money. What you think you know about CAD. You really don't. Time is money and this course will save you a lot of time" - Surveyor, MDC London, January 2016
"I absolutely loved this course. The room was lovely and bright, layout great and the train links to get there were excellent. I leave confident in the knowledge that when I open a document in the future I am in charge rather than everyone else who has this skill. Now I am one of them!" - Construction Coordinator, Whole Foods Market, February 2015
"I would highly recommend attending this course as it helps you understand the basics of using AUTOCAD Software" - Projects Administrator, M & A Installations Ltd
"Great course!" - Project Manager, Sonsino Turcan, February 2015
"Course put across enthusiastically by the trainer who taught well to all levels" - Sales, LMB March 2016
"A very good and well laid out course. Had all the essential info needed to get started on AutoCAD, but it did not drown you in aspects you will not need to begin with. Would recommend!" - Owner, Company Director, Airtight & Noisecheck Ltd., December 2014
"This was a great introduction to using the AutoCad product, it was clear, concise and well formatted with a very knowledgeable tutor". - Quantity Surveyor, D S Watson Civil Engineering (Anglia) Ltd, September 2016
"Having been quite worried about how difficult AutoCAD software program may have been to operate I can honestly say that I am now very confident and happy with my knowledge gained on the course. This is simply down the quality of the course and the Tutor Andrew Reeves. I would recommend anyone to Qdos for their AutoCAD training. Thanks Again!" - Director, PLP Fire & Security, March 2015
"The course attended today is essential if you work in an industry where you have to provide as fitted drawings. Highly recommended". - Director, Elite Integrated Security, September 2016
"I was delighted with how thorough the course was and am confident that I can now use an application that I had never before tried." - Designer, Doodlebug Media, March 2015
". Having fumbled my way through tasks previously this course gave me a good basic understanding of how to achieve these tasks in a much more efficient way and also get much more out of the application". - Director, James Breward Limited, October 2016
"An excellent introduction to AutoCAD." - Chartered Surveyor, B Bailey & Co
"Excellent course, well put together and a must if you are planning to use any kind of CAD product". - Security Supervisor, V&A Museum March 2017
"It was a clear and constructive introduction to auto cad which is a complicated subject which has allowed me to go away and learn to be competent on this programme." - MD, B Bailey and Co Limited
"The course was presented in simple terms, very focused, concise and enabling beginners to be self-sufficient to a reasonable extent in producing CAD information". - Principal/Main Equity Director, NTA16 Architects Ltd March 2017
"It is really possible to learn that program in 2 days." - Bookkeeper, PA LVX Builds Limited
"Excellent!" - Director, ANTHEA INVESTMENTS LTD March 2017
"I have really enjoyed my time learning AutoCAD and cannot wait to go back to work and try all the new things I have learned." - Senior Security Manager, Victoria and Albert Museum
"The training was organised and delivered efficiently, and to the student's needs, most informative and all the training staff were helpful and cheerful! The training was very useful." - Project Manager, Barlows Retail March 2017
"Great course and fantastic instructor, recommend it to anyone wanting to learn AutoCAD." - Property manager, Prime Commercial Properties
"Lovely people, great course delivery". - Security Manager, Victoria and Albert Museum March 2017
"Really nice experience with really helpful people." - Assistant Manager, Divertimenti, October 2014
"Very good course to get a good understanding of the key elements to AutoCAD from creating drawings quicker, through to adding detail and printing off". - Project Manager, Comet Catering Equipment Ltd September 2017
"Well organised and structured course with good teaching." - Electrician, Savage and Sons Electrical Ltd, October 2014
"The course was an excellent opportunity to learn new skills in a welcoming and helpful environment. I recommend for any business hoping to expand their staff skill base." - Consultant, Grendon Design Agency September 2017