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half day
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£149 + VAT

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This half-day course is designed to give a good overview of using and managing outlook on a day to day basis. From effective email management through to using your calendar and contacts.

Target Audience

Standard office staff who use Outlook on a daily basis.


To make staff more effective and efficient using and managing email and outlook.



Topics covered in this course


  • Understanding the screen layout
  • Moving between sections
  • Customizing the view
  • Preview


  • Understanding the standard folders
  • Reading and previewing messages
  • Replying and forwarding messages
  • Setting message tags and properties
  • Sorting messages
  • Attachments
  • Flags
  • Printing and deleting messages
  • Creating and using personal folders
  • Auto reply
  • Quick Parts
  • Inserting a table
  • Signatures


  • Viewing, printing, adding and editing contacts
  • Cresting similar contacts
  • Sending an email to a contact
  • Creating a distribution list 


  • Using the calendar screen
  • Creating and editing appointments
  • Reminders
  • Recurring appointments
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Calendar permissions
  • Viewing other calendars
  • Making an entry private
  • Printing and deleting entries


  • Creating and deleting tasks
  • Recurring tasks


  • Creating and editing a note
  • Changing the colour of a note
  • Forwarding a note
  • Deleting a note

Testimonials for this course

"I found this course very useful and the trainer was very good".
- Managing Director, Giftfinder
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