Make your website or application come alive with lightweight SVG animations. Qdos can help you realise your marketing & promotional needs with SVG design services and creative solutions for all forms of media, from digital to print.

Why use animated SVGs?

We are programmed to notice movement! Getting the attention or directing someone to see the important parts of your website is of course what we all strive for in our marketing to potential clients. Animated Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG's) can do just that. Whether creating creative interest, introducing content, highlighting call-to-actions, or just for fun... animation can be the best way to say "LOOK AT ME". Get a quote for animated SVG design >

Responsive animated graphics for mobile

The world is now full of thousands of devices, viewports and pixel densities. SVGs offer the ability to use one graphic instead of multiple versions of the same file in different sizes and have it be crisp on all of them. Animated or not, Scalable Vector Graphics ensure your message will never lack in quality and scale, whatever device they are viewed on. Find out more about our SVG design services >

Feather-weight SEO friendly web animations

Built properly with speed in mind, Scaleable Vector Graphics can have tiny, feather-weight file sizes that pixel based-images just can't compete with. Add to that the ability to animate your message at virtually no cost to its file size and you have a powerful tool to promote your company or product. Ask us about animated web graphics >

Quality that doesn't come at a cost

Whether displayed on tiny screens or projected onto the side of a building, SVGs never lose quality and their file size will never increase. Loading speeds are super fast and your message ultra sharp. Get a quote for animated SVG design >

Visualise and interact with your Data

SVG's are driven by data not pixels! Therefore it gives us the ability to alter that data or even link the graphic to change as data is fed into it. Static or animated infographics, charts and maps are just a few examples that can all be made to interact with user or data input. Data visualisation can be animated to show simple reordering, filtering, showing change over time, staggering data for clarity, or just a way of telling a story. Ask us about SVG infographic design >

Qdos - Design for Web

Eye-catching, functional web design and development.... whether it's a data driven, super complex web portal you need, or just a logo or set of icons designed. Qdos can:

  • Bring life to an otherwise static website
  • Design and develop graphics to direct your web visitors where you want them to be
  • Build graphics with speed and performance in mind, helping you get faster load times

Qdos - Design for Print

Your project may have started as an online digital idea... Qdos has the artwork & design capabilities to supply all your collateral print requirements:

  • Complete corporate identity packages: company logo design; promotional material; stationary
  • Graphics for exhibition & display: banner stands; large portable exhibition solutions; signage
  • Print material to match your new website design

Some of our recent graphics work

What our clients think

"The Qdos team, spearheaded by David Hasell, helped us implement a fantastic new website – both in functionality and design. It’s dynamic, beautiful, and is just what we asked for. David and the team were efficient, polite, patient and always willing to help – 5-stars all round. Highly recommended."
CMJ Israel  |
"Finding a Project Management System that worked for us seemed impossible so we turned to Qdos to “simply” build us what we needed.  David and his team did a fantastic job interpreting our needs and building us a Web Portal to help organise all jobs, clients, contacts, transports, and much more. We’re not sure how we managed to ever live without it.."
- Scott Fleary
"Our splendid Qdos developer, David Hasell, has enthusiastically, interactively, and skilfully re-created our website with an incisive design (creatively based on the ALD logo) and a raft of new features that deliver a much more interactive member experience."
- The Association of Lighting Designers