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3CX version 15 with Yealink IP phones

UPDATE SPRING 2017: PC Pro magazine has reviewed VoIP systems in its latest issue and awarded 3CX a full 5 out of 5 stars and its 'Recommended' badge.

"We used Yealink T23G desktop models, which are cheap, easy to provision and provide good hands-free operations; vendors such as 3CX offer free softphone apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Andriod." - PC Pro, Issue 272 p93. 

Are you spending too much on your business telephone lines and calls? Is your business restricted by the functionality of your out-dated telephone systems? Do you hate having to deal with BT? Probably!! Find out a bit more here and contact us for further information, or a quote.

3CX is a powerful SIP software-based PBX solution which represents the future of business telephony. It means calls can be made across the public telephone network or via VoIP. Any business that is forking out a fortune on BT Featureline systems or expensive long-term contracts needs to investigate this before signing up for more misery. 3CX is extremely powerful and cost effective. All you need is some simple hardware to run the PBX and a good broadband connection.

The latest version of 3CX released in July 2016, version 15 seems to be a huge improvement on its predecessor.

Perhaps the most notable improvements from our perspective are:

  • The clean, slick and user friendly new management interface. This has made finding settings REALLY simple. The new dashboard shows eventlogs and all key items with simple to follow explanations of what has failed and why. Similarly the firewall port checker is ideal for ensuring that everything has been configured correctly.
  • SSL and DDNS: The facility to create an FQDN which is created and managed by 3CX along with a free 3CX SSL certificate which dynamically updates its DNS based on dynamic IP changes recognised by the PBX. This means that many of the headaches of using a dynamic IP address are taken away. The PBX recognises that the WAN IP address where it sits has changed, communicates back with 3CX to change the IP address associated with the SSL certificate, meaning that the only concern is the TTL on the DNS propagation whenever / if ever the WAN IP happens to change. Although strictly speaking 3CX does not support DDNS, this has been particularly useful for one of our clients who signed up with Virgin Media who (rather unhelpfully) told them on several occasions that the package they were on could not be assigned a static IP. So far it seems to be working just fine, although the WAN IP of our client has not ever changed.
  • The setup process is simple to follow and installation is quick.

We have been using 3CX 15 with Yealink T23G handsets and a Yealink T46GN. Provisioning the phones is a simple process and the amount of available features is incredible. Everything can be customised according to the clients' wishes - digital receptionist, call hunt groups, 3CX app for smartphones (making it truely mobile too), ability to intercom to all staff, everything you would expect and much more. It can all be managed locally without having to phone BT. Staff can be empowered to make simple changes to the system too.

We are able to save our clients a considerable amount from their monthly bills now that they have switched from BT Featureline to 3CX. So far sooo good!

Speak to us if you are interested in learning more about how 3CX could save you hassle as well as money! Click here to see what we can offer



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