Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts

I have had several people in my Microsoft Word training classes asking if there is a good list of word shortcuts.

Andrew Reeves
Excel Shortcuts

I have had a number of people in my excel classes recently asking if there is a good list of excel shortcuts.

Andrew Reeves
What is the cloud, understanding the cloud, cloud computing, cloud help

The cloud. A term used so much with modern technology and yet we so often see it misunderstood by the end user. So what does it actually mean?

Brendan Lee
3CX VoIP solutions


UPDATE SPRING 2017: PC Pro magazine has reviewed VoIP systems in its latest issue and awarded 3CX a full 5 out of 5 stars and its 'Recommended' badge.

Ian Hasell
increasing network security, it support, improve your network

There are some simple things you can do on your network to make it more secure

Brendan Lee
MacBook Review

Straight out of the box the MacBook looks and feels like a thing of beauty.

Brendan Lee
Windows 10

Over the past week, many users have been reporting that they have lost all internet connectivity and network connection after the latest update for Windows 10 was installed.

Ian Hasell
The Stress of Word

Did you know Microsoft has fundamentally changed the way we should all use Word?

Does formatting in Word really burst your bubble?

Andrew Reeves

There are many sneaky threats and scams doing the rounds at the moment. Here's one we just came across.

This is likely to come to you from someone in your address book - a known, trusted contact.

Ian Hasell
File Explorer

The Quick Access feature in Windows Explorer is a really useful tool for accessing your recently used files and folders. However it does not seem to be intuitive enough to remove items from it's list that may have been deleted or renamed. 

Brendan Lee


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